School Tuitions


The program covers the school curriculum of the following subjects for the classes VIII, IX and X :

  • Mathematics
  • Sciences (Physics; Chemistry; Biology)
  • Social Studies
  • English

The course will commence in April and will continue till the student appears for his/her final examinations at school for the academic year.

The Evaluation System for Class X from the academic year 2017-18:

  1. Scholastic Area:

    Board Exam Internal Assessment Total Marks
    Max. Marks 80 20 100
    Qualifing Marks 33% of 80 33% of 20 33% of 100

    (a) Board Exam (80 Marks):

    • Subjects: Languages 1 and 2, Science, Mathematics, Social Science and an additional subject (any other Language)

    • Syllabus: The entire syllabus of Class X

    • Marks & Grades: 9-point grading system as followed by the Board in Class XII.

    (b) Internal Assessment (20 Marks):

    (i) Periodic Tests (10 Marks)

    • Three tests in each of the Subjects - Languages 1 and 2, Science, Mathematics, Social Science and an additional Subject (any other Language)

    • Test Period of Time
      1 Pre Mid-term
      2 Mid-term
      3 Post Mid-term
      The portion for these tests will be covered cumulatively
    • Average of the best of two tests will be considered.

    (ii) Notebook Submission (5 Marks)

    • Regularity
    • Maintaining neatness of Notebooks
    • On time assignment completion
      (This activity is aimed to ctreate seriousness in students towards maintaining notes/assignments given by the teachers)

    (iii) Subject Enrichment Activities (5 Marks)

    Subject Activity/Activities
    Language 1, 2 and an additional subject(any other language) Speaking and Listening Skills
    Science Practical Lab Work
    Mathematics Maths Practical Lab
    Social Science Map Work and Project Work

    (This activity is aimed to develop understanding and application skills of the students)

    Assessment for Additional Subjects

    Additional Subjects(other than languages)
    Subject Marks
    Board Exam Internal Assessment
    (Practical Exam)
    Homo Science 75 25
    FIT/ICT 40 60
    Elements of Bussiness 100 Not Applicable
    Elements of Book - Keeping & Accountancy 100 Not Applicable
    E-Publishing & e-office English or Hindi 30 70
    Painting 100 Not Applicable
    Camatic Music 25 75
    Hindustan Music 25 75
    NCC 70 30
  2. Co-Scholastic Activities:

    • Activity: Work Education (OR) Pre-Vocational Education

    • Grades: A to E on a five-point scale
      (These are aimed to develop a sense of community service and to develop sef-reliance)

    • Material Description: The list of the material (number of copies) for the classes 8, 9 and 10 is as follows:

      • Class 8: 10 study material booklets and 147 test papers.

      • Class 9: 10 study material booklets and 132 test papers.

      • Class 10: 10 study material booklets and 141 test papers.

Centers Offering CBSE Tuitions

Adoor Agartala Angamali Attingal
Bengaluru Bhubaneswar Chennai Cochin
Coimbatore Cuttack Hyderabad Jaipur
Kadakkal Kanhangad Karunagapally Kolkata
Kollam Kottarakkara Mavelikkara Muvattupuzha
Mysore Nagpur Nedumangad Palakkad
Surat Thiruvalla Tirpur Trichy
Trivandrum Mumbai Moga